I’m Here –

Kick in the door waving the four four.


Yes, it has taken me forever and a day to get myself a blog…but I’ve finally sat down and whipped one up – Be grateful!

I’ll use this lil space for many things as the days scurry on. I’ve got quite some catching up to do on a couple other bloggers I’ve seen…I’m not worried though as I’m all about quality…quantity always seem to be what my readers beg for after they get a taste 😀

Whatever I post up on here, it’ll always be an interesting read so make sure and subscribe to my blog so as you know when next I drop a gem.

As I said, I will be using this space for quite a few of my thoughts, some may be harder to decipher than others, but that’s just something that I’m tasking y’all with – Keep up.

NB. I’m prepared to make this journey with y’all as enjoyable as I can, however in doing so, I may ruffle a few feathers…please don’t kick up a big stink if you think I’ve offended you. For those who will…I’m not sure how much this is worth…but I offer my humble apologies in advance 😀

I’m such a decent fella.



One Response to “I’m Here –”

  1. Looking forward to what you’re gonna posttt 🙂 I love the Layout!

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